Engaging Content: The Tips to Make It Work


Many social media pages for various brands find themselves losing the interest of their consumers after a period of time. These social media pages may be losing consumer interest because they are not promoting new content often enough. Keeping social media page engagement high will keep your social media presence alive and well.

You can use many different types of posts to promote new content on social media pages that both engage consumers and provide useful, helpful information to them. Using all types of social media posts can help you create your social identity while also promoting new content for your social media audience.

For example, visual posts like images, infographics, memes, or videos get more engagement than non-visual posts like articles or blog posts (see Related Information section). If you want users to see the social media posts that you publish, then social media images or memes could be a great choice because they will attract interest from your social media fan base.

If you are sharing content from another social media page, it is also important to use social media posts that help engage consumers and promote new content for them. Another social media page may have a post about a product launch, and if you share this type of post on your social media pages with a simple engagement call-to-action like “repost,” then your social fans may find this interesting and inspiring enough to visit the other social media page where the post originally was published.

Writing articles or creating blog posts can also provide helpful information users while giving them useful tips on social media engagement. One social media page offers an article about social media engagement strategies that users can navigate to from the social media page’s menu bar. This social media page shows all of their previously-published articles for consumers to read, and many social fans view these articles because they provide useful social tips.

Using social media posts like visual images, memes, blog posts, videos, or articles help you engage social media audiences while keeping them interested in your social presence. Keeping consumer interest with social media pages will then keep your social sales high as well.

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