At BPW Group (Business Plan Writers) our professional consultants specialise in developing business plans for builders’ licences and insurance coverage for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Victoria Builders Authority (VBA), Master Builders Association (MBA) in New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Business Plan for Builders’ Licence

Obtaining a builder’s license is not easy in Australia, especially as every state and territory has different requirements and regulations for builders. Gone are the days when you could just apply for Domestic Builder’s License and hope that your skills were good enough to get the job done! These days we need financial statements from our business; projections of how much money will come into or go out during different times frames (this includes cash flow); implementation plans on safety procedures including construction programs-and sound knowledge about building houses isn’t enough anymore either – because there are so many regulations now, it takes years of experience from numerous staff to pass the test.

The governing bodies across Australia have designed a comprehensive and complex application process which ensures licenses are only granted to builders whose businesses can execute and achieve the following:

Business Plan

Our team of consultants will work with you to develop a bespoke and concise business plan to effectively display the business details, goals, and objectives of your construction business.

Application Form

The application form will include previous work history and previous construction projects


It has been a while since you updated your resume, now its required. An in depth look into your experience and history (including management) is required. Making sure the right information is in the business plan to secure your licence

Schedule of Work

You will need to provide a detailed schedule of work for future projects which includes timeframes, project prices and other details that shows you can track your projects and book tradespeople and construction suppliers in advance.

Site Photographs

Photos coupled with any additional information will bolster professionalism of your business.

Occupational Health Safety Plan & Quality Control Checklist

Detailed safety plan that can demonstrate your ability to operate a safe worksite alongside a quality control checklist maintaining a high standard of work. This safety plan must company with the relevant regulations in each state.


The ability to provide character and technical references can be the edge your business needs to prove its trustworthiness.

Letter of Eligibility for Home Warranty Insurance

If you have not found a suitable insurer to cover your business size and its projects, then chat to the team.

Our knowledgeable team of consultants at Business Plan Writers have created builders’ licence business plans with a 100% success rate. Our specialised plans ensures that we provide a high-quality document that ticks all the boxes for your licence.

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