Business Plans for Lease Agreements


When entering a lease, an integral part of securing the lease is a business plan. Although we are experts in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, we are experts in the field of business plans.

We have provided business plans for lease agreements for all types of industries from coffee shops all the way to multi-million dollar companies. For this service, our fees start from $850 plus GST.

This gives you the following:

·       Business Plan Summary

·       Business Environment Analysis

·       Basic Industry Analysis

  • Risk Management

·       Background and Legal Structure

·       S.W.O.T. Analysis

·       Key Objectives & Financial Review

  • Organisation Chart

The above points are basic but effective. They provide a clear indication of where the company is, and where the company is going. This also assists in the deep understanding of the business planning, company structure and business operations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Why Do I need a Business Plan for a Lease Agreement

Due to the current economic climate, Landlords are increasingly asking for companies to provide a business plan before entering a lease. A business plan helps support the position of a business, and determines whether or not a business is able to enter into a lease either short or long term.

Why Choose Business Plan Writers

Business Plan Writers are all Australian, and our work is not outsourced either in Australia or Overseas. We have written over 1,000 successful business plans in all industries across Australia.

How do we Engage Business Plan Writers

Please contact us through or call 1300778033. Our process is seamless.

Our goal for lease business plans is to secure a lease through the right guidance of our personalized business plans.