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At BPW Group (Business Plan Writers) our professional advisors specialise in business plans and pitch decks for Angel Investors in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, and Sunshine Coast.

What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor can be defined as any person who has private investments in their own wealth, which they focus on financing small business ventures. Unlike venture capital firms that use funds from unrelated sources of money (such as banks), these individuals rely entirely upon themselves for finance and reap profits when there’s a successful exit strategy at some point after the investment period ends- typically through public offerings or acquisitions by other companies wanting to hire them away because they know how valuable this resource might eventually become!

Angel investors fund businesses in many industries in Australia, but first they need a business plan or pitch deck to understand the product, service, and its future forecasting. As Australia’s angel investors continue to see success with new ventures, the number of seed and start-up stage funding has increased 6% in comparison to last year. The total investments during this time were $25 billion – a significant mark for any country or region on earth!

The Advantages of Angel Investors

Angel investors are a great way to get funding if you’re an established business looking beyond start-up phase. These people have shown promise in the past and need capital, so they will be motivated by mentoring or offering direct management help when it comes time for repayment from your company’s profits. Angel investing can provide benefits such as not having repayments due because these funds come with ownership shares instead there is no set term but usually angels want their investment returned within several years after withdrawal.

The Disadvantages of Angel Investors

Giving away too much of your company might be a risk if you don’t know what the investor wants. For example, an angel may demand 10% or 50%. They’ll want some equity in exchange for funding and that could mean giving up control over how things go at first with them involved since they have more ownership than anyone else does when it comes right down to this type of deal – including yourself!

Sources of Angel Investing

The best way to find angel investors is by attending events and networking. You can also look online for funding opportunities, attend informational sessions about different investment strategies or ask friends who have money if they know any suitable people!

What Percentage Do Angel Investors Want?

To attract more investors and ensure they get a good return on their investment, angel investing companies need them involved from day one. In fact, 30% is not uncommon for an investor’s ROI expectation when considering what percentage you’ll have access too as part of your exit strategy – meaning it can range anywhere between 15-60%.

How do you prepare? Create Your Pitch deck!

A good pitch deck will include information about the company, their products, or services. It’s important to stand out in this document because it provides potential investors with all of your relevant contact details. It might take some time for you to create it, but once created it is crucial that this document reflects all of what makes up one’s selling strategy: from branding with logos or colour schemes; down through specific information about each product offered (including pricing).

What do I need next? A Comprehensive Business Plan

The key to a good business plan is being able distil your company’s goals and strategy, then apply a cashflow forecast to help the funder understand the future of the company. The more clearly you can articulate what it is that makes up the core of who you are as an entrepreneur, or organization, then better will be for any future investors/owners looking at getting behind their story with money from start-up capital funds.

Our team at Business Plan Writers have executed business plans and pitch decks for Angel Investors over the past decade. Our professional service ensures that we provide you a business plan and pitch deck which is designed around your specific needs.

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