Business Finance

Listed below are the major finance work we help with:

  • Vehicle procurement
  • Vehicle & equipment finance
  • Unsecured credit lines & overdraft facilities
  • Fit out Funding
  • Business, property and asset finance
  • Capital raising against existing assets
  • Debtor Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Private Lending

Beyond this, the larger scope of our service is that of a business support mechanism. We introduce professional advisors when opportunities or problems arise for business owners (across all industries). This includes Tax, Legal, Operational Strategy, Finance and Marketing.

These third-party advisors come together to form a customised advisory board and ensure the business has an aligned strategy from each of its constituent advisors. Even now, very few businesses have an accountant, lawyer, broker or operational consultant that speak to each other more than maybe once a year.

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Client Testimonials

Absolute perfection! You guys nailed it… I was confident to show my business plan after seeing what your team had provided. I was able to obtain the finance via a private lender and are now working together to further develop our business for an international market.

Thank you for making the process a pleasant experience. I was really stressed about creating it and you have made it look so easy. I have such a great understanding of what investors are looking for and how I should be presenting myself to my prespective investors in the future. Thank you so much!

I made such a good decision using business plan writers. My business plan was professional and allowed us to get the finance we needed to progress with the next stage of our business.

I had no idea what to expect or what was required when trying to write my business plan. I wasted more than 100 hours trying to put something together myself, that I have now learnt was not even close to what is required by investors. So thanks again Business Plan Writers for everything you have done for me, and also the knowledge you have shared along the way. I got work to do – Cheers!

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